Janet H. Hsiao (蕭惠文)
Associate Professor
Office: Room 623, Jockey Club Tower, Department of Psychology, HKU
Phone: +852 3917 4874
Email: jhsiao@hku.hk


Research Interests

  • Cognitive science
  • Computational modeling
  • Hidden Markov modeling of eye movements
  • Perceptual expertise acquisition: Face recognition, reading, etc.
  • Hemispheric asymmetry in cognitive processes
  • Psycholinguistics

 Selected Publications (Click HERE for the full list)
 Chuk, T., Chan, A. B., Shimojo, S., & Hsiao, J. H. (in press). Eye movement analysis with switching hidden Markov models. Behavior Research Methods.

 Zhang, J., Chan, A. B., Lau, E. Y. Y., & Hsiao, J. H. (2019). Individuals with insomnia misrecognize angry faces as fearful faces while missing the eyes: An eye-tracking study. Sleep, 42(2), zsy220.

 Chung, H. K. S., Leung, J. C. Y., Wong, V. M. Y., & Hsiao, J. H. (2018). When is the right hemisphere holistic and when is it not? The case of Chinese character recognition. Cognition, 178, 50-56.

 Li, T. K., & Hsiao, J. H. (2018). Music reading expertise modulates hemispheric lateralization in English word processing but not in Chinese character processing. Cognition, 176, 159-173.

 Chan, C. Y. H., Chan, A. B., Lee, T. M. C., & Hsiao, J. H. (2018). Eye movement patterns in face recognition are associated with cognitive decline in older adults. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 25(6), 2200-2207.

 Coutrot, A., Hsiao, J. H., & Chan, A. B. (2018). Scanpath modeling and classification with Hidden Markov Models. Behavior Research Methods, 50(1), 362-379.

 Chuk, T., Crookes, K., Hayward, W. G., Chan, A. B., & Hsiao, J. H. (2017). Hidden Markov model analysis reveals the advantage of analytic eye movement patterns in face recognition across cultures. Cognition, 169, 120-117.

 Hsiao, J. H., & Galmar, B. (2016). Holistic processing as measured in the composite task does not always go with right hemisphere processing in face perception. Neurocomputing, 182, 165-177.

 Tso, R. V. Y., Au, T. K., & Hsiao, J. H. (2014). Perceptual expertise: Can sensorimotor experience change holistic processing and left side bias? Psychological Science, 25(9), 1757-1767.

 Chuk, T., Chan, A. B., & Hsiao, J. H. (2014). Understanding eye movements in face recognition using hidden Markov models. Journal of Vision, 14(11):8, 1-14.

 Hsiao, J. H., Cipollini, B., & Cottrell, G. (2013). Hemispheric asymmetry in perception: A differential encoding account. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25(7), 998-1007.

 Hsiao, J. H., & Cottrell, G. W. (2009). Not all expertise is holistic, but it may be leftist: The case of Chinese character recognition. Psychological Science, 20(4), 455-463.

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 Hsiao, J. H., & Cottrell, G. W. (2008). Two fixations suffice in face recognition. Psychological Science, 9(10), 998-1006.

  Research Laboratory

Attention Brain and Cognition (ABC) Lab