Jian-Dong Huang(黃建東)
Office: L3-72, Laboratory Block, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3917 6810 (office); 3917 9479 (lab)
Email: jdhuang@hku.hk
HKU Scholars Hub

Research Description:

Intracellular Transportation

My major research interest is in the mechanism of intracellular transportation and its roles in development, neuronal function and genetic diseases. Within the cell, a variety of cellular components are moved to specific sites at specific times. The intracellular transportation processes are essential not only for housekeeping purpose but also for specialized cellular functions, such as the transport of synaptic vesicles. Intracellular transportation is carried out over two major cellular networks, the microtubule and actin networks. Microtubule motors include the kinesin and dynein families of proteins while actin motors are the myosin family of proteins. Current research suggests that the micro-tubule network is used for transport over long distances while the actin network is used for short-range delivery in animal cells. Disruption of these processes result in genetic diseases. We are focusing on the roles of kinesin-1 in the neurodegeneration.

Selected Publications:

  1. Zai Wang, Ju Cui, Jing Wang, Xin-Mei Zhang, Wai Man Wong, Neal G. Copeland, Nancy A. Jenkins, Julian A. Tanner, Kathryn S E Cheah, Wu-Tian Wu and Jian-Dong Huang (2013) Kinesin-1 controls the localization of myofibrils components for their assembly and linkage to the myotendinous junctions. Development V140(3), P617-626

  2. Chenli Liu, Xiongfei Fu, Lizhong Liu, Xiaojing Ren, Carlos K.L. Chau, Sihong Li, Lu Xiang, Hualing Zeng, Guanhua Chen, Lei-Han Tang, Peter Lenz, Xiaodong Cui, Wei Huang, Terence Hwa, Jian-Dong Huang (2011) Sequential establishment of stripe patterns in an expanding cell population. Science V334(6053), P238-241

  3. Mei Yang, Jingqi Chen, Fang Su, Bin Yu, Ling Lin, Yujie Liu, Jian-Dong Huang* and Erwei Song* (2011) Microvesicles secreted by macrophages shuttle invasion-potentiating microRNAs into breast cancer cells. Molecular Cancer V10(1):117 (*Co-corresponding authors)

  4. Song Lu, Lin-Yu Lu, Qiu-Ju Yuan, Mai-Har Sham, Xin-Yuan Guan, Jian-Dong Huang (2012) Cerebellar defects in Pdss2 conditional knockout mice during embryonic development and in adulthood. Neurobiology of Disease V45, P219–233

  5. Ju Cui, Zai Wang, Qianni Cheng, Raozhou Lin, Xin-Mei Zhang, Po Sing Leung, Neal G. Copeland, Nancy A. Jenkins, Kwok-Ming Yao, and Jian-Dong Huang (2011) Targeted Inactivation of Kinesin-1 in Pancreatic β-Cells in vivo Leads to Insulin Secretory Deficiency. Diabetes V60(1), P320-330

  6. Huang, J.D., Brady, S.T., Richards, B.W., Stenoien, D., Resau, J.H., Copeland, N.G., and Jenkins, N.A. (1999). Direct interaction of microtubule-and actin-based transport motors. Nature, V397: 267-270

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